Is becoming a blogger still worth it in the age of Instagram stars? Yes of course it is! If you want to start a blog and start blogging, you may be looking for good reasons to start.

There are many reasons to start your blog today, here they are.

#1 You can share your hobby with many people!
Imagine being able to write about your favorite interests or thoughts or creatively implement your ideas, tell others about it and exchange ideas, give them feedback and get their input.

Learn more about what you’re really interested in, grow and share it with a growing community. A blog allows you to do that.

No matter how rare your hobby is, there’s always someone to share it with.

You don’t have to be a professional in what you publish. All that matters is that your passion will shine through.

#2 A blog is a lot of fun!

Precisely because you cover a lot of your interests and topics that you are passionate about via a blog and give them time, it can be incredibly fun to create and run your own blog.

It doesn’t really depend on a specific goal. Your blog can be everything or nothing to you: an experiment, your hobby, your passion, your job. There is no reason not to create a blog!

#3 You do good through a blog!

With a blog, you help other people. That’s a fact.

Whether you’re providing instructions and advice to your readers, inspiring them with your thoughts or collecting donations, a blog gives you the opportunity to do good, both for others and for yourself.

The more people you can reach, the more you can help. A blog can therefore be meaningful and enrich your life.

#4 You inspire people!

People like to discover new things. With a blog, you can also inspire others: creative tutorials, delicious recipes, fashion tips or travel recommendations are also suggestions for readers.

The more inspiration you provide, the more successful you will be.

#5 You create a real community!

Basically, every time someone visits your blog, it creates a network between you. This is one of the biggest advantages of the Internet. The connection can often be anonymous, but it can also lead to personal acquaintances.

The feeling you get as a blogger when you get your first comment from a reader is intense.

It’s great to connect with others through your thoughts and ideas, to inspire them, and to receive feedback, whether it’s via email, Facebook message, or comment. Your blog gives you the opportunity to share your passions with others and make connections.

As a blogger, you can reach an incredible number of people. The better you fit in and the more you inspire them, the more likely it is that a connection will develop between you.

#6 You can make money with a blog!

Although this is not always the main goal when creating your blog, it can be an interesting incentive. A blog can make you money. It can be a little extra income to salute your hard work and involvement. It can be a larger income.

Many well-known bloggers have developed their blog into a business and even employ their own staff.

#7 A blog allows you to develop new skills!

As a blogger, you’re your own little one-person media company and combine many jobs into one person:

Graphic artist
Product Manager
Even if you don’t master these activities as a professional, that’s not a problem. Everyone starts small and learns as they go. Your readers don’t love you for your professionalism, they love you for who you are.

#8 You learn an incredible amount of new things!

Creating and maintaining your blog automatically goes hand in hand with an exponential learning curve, because only in the rarest of cases do you already have all the technical skills, but also all the knowledge in a field.

The extent to which you work on individual topics depends entirely on you and your preferences. Perhaps you prefer to focus on writing or discover your passion for photography or coding.

In addition, in order to provide consistently interesting content, you will be required to research or keep up with new trends.

#9 You show everyone what you can do!

Blogs are also often used to demonstrate professional expertise, both in a private and professional context.

You can show on your blog that you know! The topics of your blog should therefore revolve around your work or a relatively well mastered passion: what tips and tricks will help you that could also be useful to others? Have you had any exciting ideas in the course of your work? The best thing to do is to prepare this knowledge in an interesting and easy-to-read way on your blog. You are also welcome to entertain your audience, if it suits you and your working style. Because one thing is for sure: there is already enough boring stuff on the Internet and people are looking for something new.

There is no limit to the range of possible topics: there are blogs about nutrition, games or marketing and much more. Everyone wants to share their knowledge, experiences and insights, draw attention to themselves and show that they have a lot to say and share.

#10 You can boost your business!

Businesses of all sizes now have their own blogs with which they can use useful content to connect with potential customers or provide useful information to regular customers. This method of marketing is also known as content or inbound marketing.

Many individual businesses, such as coaches, also rely on their own blogs, position themselves as experts and generate new customers.

Anyone who provides value to their readers with their blog can have a lasting impact on their business.

Writing a blog doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it does cost a lot of work time. But if you can get into a blogging routine, you can use your blog to advertise yourself and your business profitably. And you create content that, in the best case scenario, continues to attract customers over and over again. But in order to do that, you really have to stick with it. And when writing a blog, proceed strategically: before you start, think carefully about the purpose of your blog. What target group are you writing for. And what topics you are writing about. The best thing to do is to write everything down and check it from time to time. This will help you to keep developing your blog!