The Christmas period is the most important time for all merchants. It is the time for you and your online store to stand out from the crowd and generate a maximum of sales. To do this, you will have to stand out from the competition which is always stronger. The newsletter is a good way to encourage your prospects to come and do their Christmas shopping on your online store. Through your newsletter, prospects should quickly understand all the benefits they will have by making their purchases on your site.

Here is how to boost your sales with our Christmas newsletter ideas!

Create a visual and use attractive words related to Christmas

First of all, you must take special care of your visual. Christmas is a magical time in people’s minds, so this is the time to put it forward.

You will be able to use colors dedicated to Christmas: red, green, gold or silver for example.

Also use GIFs that will bring an extra touch of enchantment. For this, sites like Gifing are full of pretty visuals of all kinds and specials for Christmas that can create a great atmosphere on your newsletter.

In addition, words have a special importance. This is the time to use as many of them as possible that are related to the magic of Christmas. For this, you can use the different audiovisual and paper advertisements that you can see.

Use words related to the magic of Christmas: Magic, fairy, enchanted, wonderful…

Also use words related to sharing and pleasure: Spoil, pleasure, share, love, friendship…

Highlighting Christmas promotions

Even if spending is less watched by households at Christmas time, people will still be strongly attracted by promotions that will allow them to spend less or get more products at the same price.

In order to convince them to come and do their Christmas shopping on your store, you need to highlight your best promotions related to the Christmas season.

For promotions, you have several options:

Make a discount on the 2ᵉ identical product purchased,
Offer a pack of products that complement each other,
Offer a small product related to Christmas (a small decoration, a box of chocolate, a Christmas pouch…)
Offer delivery under the condition of a minimum purchase…

Organize a big Christmas contest

As you know, Internet users are fond of contests as soon as they have something to win.

It’s time to organize a Christmas contest that will increase your sales.

Some ideas for your contest:

For each purchase made, the customer gets a chance to be drawn,
Make a selection of products you want to sell and offer a participation for the purchase of one of these products,
give a minimum purchase so that the customer gets a chance to be drawn…

Regarding the prize(s) to be won, make sure that it can also boost your sales. You can, for example, make people win :

A voucher valid on your store,
a promotional code to obtain a percentage discount on the customer’s total basket,
a second product offered for the purchase of the first…
The idea is to push the customer to make a new order on your store thanks to his gain during the contest.

Highlight your best sales of the year

The end of the year is the right time to take stock of your sales throughout the year. In your newsletter, you can highlight the best-selling products on your store.

Your newsletter should reflect the fact that these products have been a great success thanks to their quality and their usefulness in everyday life. You can also put forward the many glowing customer reviews. The idea is to boost the sale of these products a little more by relying on social proof.

Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing techniques that can effectively persuade the customer to take action and therefore buy the products in question.

Offer a voucher or a promotional code.

Your newsletter can contain a small gift. By announcing in the title of the newsletter that you are offering a voucher or a promotional code, you already ensure a maximum of opening and reading of your newsletter.

Moreover, for prospects who are hesitating to place their Christmas order, this is the best way to push them to do so on your store. Indeed, highlight that they will save money by doing their Christmas shopping on your online store and not on your competitor’s.

At the same time, this allows you to reward the loyalty of your regular customers and thus strengthen the link with them.

Help your customers with gift ideas

Help those people for whom Christmas is a real headache.

Guide those who are undecided or never know what to give to make them happy.

You can make a selection of gift ideas for men and for women. You can also do it according to age groups or according to the type of personality of the person. This selection is obviously to be adapted according to your niche and the products you sell.

By inserting links directly on your newsletter, you facilitate the buying process of potential customers.