The most important thing when you are a blogger is to love what you do. Nevertheless, why not combine pleasure and financial aspect by monetizing your blog? More and more people manage to make significant profits from their blog. So why not you? Earning money with your own blog is not that difficult. The sources of income presented here are particularly suitable for bloggers.

Here are 5 ways to make money with your blog!

Earn money with a few clicks

The easiest way to make money with a blog is definitely to use Google AdSense. Once installed, Google optimizes the ads independently. You don’t have to do anything else.

Money is earned every time a visitor clicks on an AdSense ad that is presented on your blog. This way you can easily generate passive income.

Unfortunately, there is currently no real alternative to Google AdSense in France.

The advantages of this method

Google AdSense is quick and easy to install.
Automatic adaptation of advertising to visitors and content.
Payments are fast and reliable.

The disadvantages of this method

The revenue per click varies considerably depending on the theme of your blog.
You need a good number of visitors to make it worthwhile.
Under no circumstances should you click on AdSense links yourself or actively encourage readers to do so. Otherwise, you will be excluded from AdSense.

Make money with product recommendations

Many bloggers write about products, describe their experiences and report on current events, among other things. It makes sense to give product recommendations to your own readers.

Through affiliate marketing, you can earn money with product recommendations. All you have to do is sign up with an appropriate partner program, then create special affiliate links or banners in your blog.

If a reader clicks on them and then buys something from the store in question, the blogger is credited with a commission.

There are a number of providers. Many different partner programs can be found in the affiliate networks and you also have the individual affiliate networks like Amazon.

The advantages of this method

Participation in affiliate networks and partner programs is completely free.
Affiliate marketing offers high income opportunities.
There is also an affiliate program for almost every product.

The disadvantages of this method

Your own visitors have to buy products.
You have to test something to find the right product recommendations for your own readers and be credible.

Rent or sell links

This source of income is very simple and lucrative. Links from other websites are always very important to get known on Google. That’s why many website operators buy or rent backlinks.

Many platforms exist to connect blog or site owners. They mediate paid backlinks. All you have to do is sign up for free with your blog and then you will receive offers. If you then add these links to your blog, you can earn money.

Link rental is more lucrative in the long run, as you earn money every month as long as the customer books the link.

The advantages of this method

It can be done very quickly and easily. It doesn’t require you to do any extra work.
This method can be very lucrative. A single paid link can bring in 30, 40 euros or more per month.

The disadvantages of this method

Since Google doesn’t like to see this, you shouldn’t overdo it and therefore it limits your income possibilities.
You should be aware that there is some risk in using this source of income, as Google may penalize you.

Paid advertising

Placing advertising on your own blog usually only makes sense if you have a larger readership.

Nevertheless, it can be worthwhile, especially because there are now advertiser sites that specialize in blogs.

These specialized sites allow bloggers to connect them with advertisers who want to run their ads. They offer the possibility to integrate advertising in your own blog quite easily and to earn money with it.

Selling Ebooks

Ebooks can be a successful avenue for anyone who is an expert in a certain field. Ebooks are becoming more and more democratized and can be read on many different media. When it comes to writing an ebook, you don’t necessarily have to write it from scratch. To save time, you can also use your most popular blog posts and link them in a meaningful way. Most blog readers don’t have the time to read every single one of your blog posts. So don’t be afraid to take the content you’ve already created and combine it into a new format.

You can also do it as an audiobook if you have the right material or can pay someone to do it for you.

Then just put it up for sale on your blog.

You can also, at the same time, put it for sale on Amazon and put links in your various articles.