The acquisition of quality traffic is essential for a website, whether it is a seller site or a showcase site. To ensure this quality, a new branch of business has emerged in web marketing, namely “traffic management”. If you want to become a traffic manager or a TM, here’s what you need to know.

The required traffic management skills

To carry out the various missions in traffic manager, you need solid skills in the field of marketing and especially in webmarketing.

Indeed, you must master several disciplines at your fingertips:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or, in other words, natural referencing
Search Engine Advertising (SEA), i.e. paid referencing
Social Media Optimization (SMO) which is optimization on social networks.

In addition, there are other important levers such as emailing, display, affiliation.

For this, it is necessary to have the technical skills, the TM must know how to use Excel, the web language, the measurement tools, etc. It is also necessary to have an analytical and organizational mind. To make thoughtful decisions, a sense of rigor and being responsible are essential to the function. To meet customer needs and adapt to changes, a great ability to anticipate is an asset. Finally, there is the sense of relationship which is very important to build good relationships with employees and promote team spirit.

Training to work in traffic management

To become an expert in this field, there are several ways to get there, such as:

Higher education
Vocational training

Higher education

It is necessary at least to follow a diploma training with the key to a bac + 2 in communication, marketing or computer science. It can be a BTS in communication or a DUT information-communication in computer science / advertising. Having a bac + 4 or bac + 5 in digital as a specialization M1 / M2 is recommended to be versatile. You should know that the most sought-after profiles on the market are the webmaster and the webmarketer. Journalistic training is also relevant as web editors are in high demand.

Vocational training

You already have a job in web marketing and you want to increase your skills in traffic management? You have never worked in digital but you want to reconvert? Training, whether face-to-face or online, can be a solution.